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Safeguard your business with secure document shredding

Records retention - document shredding
By Amy Mergler

Data breaches aren’t just found online. They can stem from the improper disposal of everyday confidential documents. Ensuring the security of sensitive corporate data through shredding is as vital as safeguarding against online threats. Here’s why investing in a shredding service is essential for your company’s protection.

Hard evidence for the importance of data security

Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report, grounded in actual breach data rather than mere surveys, provides telling insights. In 2023, Verizon documented 5,199 data breaches and over 16,312 security incidents. Their findings revealed that 74% of security incidents in the public sector resulted from privilege misuse (such as employees mishandling and discarding sensitive data), while 13% stemmed from lost or stolen assets. Notably, these physical thefts predominantly occur within office settings rather than homes or personal vehicles.

Given the absence of legal restrictions on “dumpster diving,” businesses relinquish privacy claims once documents are disposed of. Consequently, safeguarding confidential information such as customer lists, financial printouts, and meeting notes is paramount, especially considering the potential harm from a disgruntled employee.

Securing your data

Whether your office is inundated with stacks of classified documents or just a few sheets bearing sensitive information, opting for a shredding service — also known as document destruction — can fortify your defenses against data theft. Look for services that furnish a certificate of destruction, instilling confidence in the security of your data.

Recycle IT assets - hard drive shredderInstead of investing in a standalone shredder, outsourcing shredding tasks to a specialized service provider like JK Moving offers numerous advantages. Whether you require regular, scheduled shredding or a one-time project, these services cater to your needs. Moreover, they extend beyond paper shredding to encompass hard-drive destruction, ensuring comprehensive data protection. Additionally, by recycling shredded materials, these services contribute to environmental sustainability, further enhancing their appeal.

By prioritizing shredding services, your company can proactively mitigate the risk of data breaches and uphold the confidentiality of sensitive information, bolstering trust and safeguarding against potential threats.