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Why your company needs a shredding service

document shredding service

Data breaches aren’t just found online.  They can be found in your everyday confidential documents. Shredding confidential information and sensitive corporate data is just as important as having an internet firewall for security. Here’s why your company needs a shredding service.

Every year, Verizon releases a Data Breach Investigations Report. This report is based on actual data breaches rather than unreliable surveys.

The proof is in the data

In 2019, based on 2,013 data breaches and more than 41,686 security incidents.  Verizon found that 72% of security incidents within the public sector were the result of privilege misuse (employees taking and throwing away sensitive data) and 20% for lost or stolen assets. These physical thefts and loss of assets occur most often in the office and not from homes or personal vehicles.

There are no laws against “dumpster diving.” Hence,  your company has no claim to its privacy after your business disposes of those documents.

Thus, it is increasingly important to protect your confidential information.  Such as customer lists, credit card information, meeting notes, and financial printouts becomes increasingly important.  Think of the damage one disgruntled employee could do.

Protect your confidential data

You may have stacks of paper filled with classified documents. Or you may have a few sheets with notes of bank information or other personal data.  Whatever the case, investing in a shredding (aka document destruction) service may be just what your company needs to prevent stolen data.  Your provider will also provide a certificate of destruction, giving you confidence that your data is secure.

Rather than purchasing a paper shredder, hire a shredding service. You can schedule a weekly service or have a large, one-time destruction project.  JK Moving provides secure shredding and disposal solutions to help.

Shredding can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. We can shred anything from paper to hard drives. The shredded materials are recycled, helping reduce the impact on the environment.

Here is a video on just how we securely destroy a hard drive: