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IT Decommissioning Services

Maximizing security: The key to compliant IT disposal.

JK’s decommissioning services prioritize sustainable, secure, and compliant solutions for your electronic assets. It’s crucial to recognize the importance of recycling IT equipment for both environmental sustainability and compliance with federal data security laws. Our team is equipped to handle the proper disposal of harmful computer chemicals through our safe and secure recycling services, all while ensuring regulatory standards are met. Trust JK to provide you with a responsible and reliable IT recycling solution, including data wiping, degaussing, hard-drive shredding, and IT peripheral recycling services, to keep you compliant with federal data security laws.

Electronic recycling programs

Best-in-class programs to properly dispose of electronic equipment and computers.

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Degaussing services

Your hard drive data is destroyed using a process powered by magnetic fields, ensuring compliance with data security regulations. By safely recycling components, we streamline complete data destruction and IT asset disposal.

hard drive shredding

Hard drive shredding

Securely shred electronic assets with our hard drive shredding services. Receive detailed inventory and destruction certificates, while our R2-certified recycling partner responsibly recycles shredded drives.

recycling IT equipment

Recycling IT peripherals

Maximize the potential of your IT assets through our disposal services. We repurpose outdated equipment and securely destroy various media, ensuring data protection. You'll receive a Certificate of Destruction.

Data wiping

Professional and secure data-wiping services from various electronic devices, including hard drives and solid-state drives. Receive a data destruction certificate for compliance during disposal or recycling, protecting sensitive information.

IT decommissioning FAQs

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