When choosing a commercial mover, you must balance cost against potential disruption to find the best value for your business. We hear you! We understand you have a budget and you have to spend responsibly. At JK Moving, we’re not the cheapest company in town. But when it comes to overall value, no one delivers more for you.   An hour of lost productivity for your company is often the small difference in price.

  • Value means getting your job done right, on-time, so your business is up and running when it’s supposed to be with no unexpected downtime.  
  • Value means no surprises and unexpected change orders or surcharges the other companies didn’t tell you about (that’s how some of our low-bidding competitors actually make their money).
  • Value means no losses to your physical assets or intellectual property (in computers, lab equipment, etc.) to maximize your security and productivity.
  • Value means providing the full staffing and equipment your job requires, every time, so we keep our commitments to you (and you keep your commitments to your team).
  • When you pay less, you usually get less, but when you call JK you always get the quality and performance you’re banking on. How can we earn yours?