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Move day do’s and don’ts

JK Moving professionals load a moving truck

After having moved more than a dozen times, I know what it’s like to be anxious and stressed on move day as a team of strangers troops in and out of the house, moving all of your belongings onto a truck. When the moving truck pulls up and the crew arrives, what comes next? I’ve already packed all the boxes and spent a lot of time and energy planning the move. What should I be doing as the driver and crew get to work?

Below is a list of Do’s and Don’ts to help your move day be as worry-free as possible. Most of these recommendations are driven by safety concerns. It may tempting to step in to help speed things along. But it’s safer for you, the crew, and your belongings to leave the lifting to the moving team.

Move Day Do’s

Do give the crew a tour of the house, so they understand what goes and what stays.

Do speak up! Voice any questions or concerns to the driver or crew leader so they can be answered and addressed.

Do keep kids occupied and away from the action. Moving with kids can be tricky. Your best bet for small children is to set up a play date at a friend’s house or have them spend the day with a relative. If kids are going to be home, set up space for them away from where the crew will be working with plenty of activities to keep them busy and entertained.

Do keep pets safe from harm by sending them to doggie daycare for the day or confining them in an empty room.

Move Day Don’ts

Don’t be inaccessible to the crew. For an efficient pack and load, the crew may need quick answers to questions that arise during the day.

Don’t work in the same room, halls, or walkways as the crew. Too many people working in one area of your home is a recipe for disaster.

Don’t load anything into the truck. There are a number of items that your mover cannot (or should not) move, which you can load into your personal vehicles while the crew loads the rest of your belongings into the moving truck.

Following these suggestions will help keep the process moving smoothly and efficiently, saving time, money, and stress!