Residential Moving

Move day: do's and don'ts for a stress-free move

JK Moving residential truck parked in front of house

After having moved more than a dozen times, I know what it’s like to be anxious and stressed on move day as a team of strangers troops in and out of the house, moving all of your belongings onto a truck. When the moving truck pulls up and the crew arrives, what comes next? I’ve already packed all the boxes and spent a lot of time and energy planning the move. What should I be doing as the driver and crew get to work?

Below is a list of Do’s and Don’ts to help your move day be as worry-free as possible. Most of these recommendations are driven by safety concerns. It may tempting to step in to help speed things along. But it’s safer for you, the crew, and your belongings to leave the lifting to the moving team.

Do’s: Delegate and communicate

  • Welcome Wagon: Give the moving crew a quick tour of your home. Point out what needs to be moved and any furniture that needs disassembly.
  • Ask Away: Don’t be shy! Have questions or concerns? Voice them to the crew leader. Clear communication is key.
  • Wrangle the Young Ones: Moving with little ones? Consider a playdate or having a relative watch them for the day. If they must be present, create a safe play area away from the moving action.
  • Pet Paradise: Don’t forget your furry friends! Doggie daycare or a secure room keeps them safe from the hustle and bustle.

Don’ts: Get in the way

  • Available, Not Accessible: Stay nearby for the crew’s questions, but avoid hovering. Give them space to work efficiently.
  • Traffic Jam: Resist the urge to “help” by working in the same area as the movers. Too many cooks (or loaders) can slow things down.
  • DIY Loading: Some items movers can’t or shouldn’t transport. Liquids, flammables, and hazardous materials fall into this category. Pack these in your car for safekeeping.

Bonus Tip: Pack a “first-night essentials” box that includes toiletries, medications, and a change of clothes. This makes settling into your new place a breeze!

By following these simple do’s and don’ts, you can transform your move day from a stressful scramble into a smooth and organized success. Now go forth and conquer your move with confidence!