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Keep your personal data secure during a move

Keep your personal data secure

I read with frustration about the news of the Capital One data breach that affected more than 100 million people applying for credit. Fortunately, authorities arrested the hacker. But not before the damage was done.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about huge data security hacks recently. The FTC just fined Equifax $575 million for its 2017 breach of 148 million people and their personal data.

Data protection and security are everyone’s responsibility. Did you know that 60% of Americans report they or an immediate family member have been victims of a scheme to defraud? It is essential to protect your personal data at all times, including during a move, when you’re extremely busy, stressed, and distracted.

Be aware of these things to keep your personal data secure.

Global data protection and threats

The most dangerous threats hide in plain sight. Threat awareness must be equal across the board, because threats may originate from any number of sources. Fundamental security practices are the most important.

For example, create secure passwords. This includes the hard not to do: not writing your password down on a sticky note and putting it under your keyboard. Remember to use two-factor authentication, separate numbers and symbols, and never use the same password for multiple accounts. For mobile devices, secure your data and lessen your security risk by using your fingerprint.

Hackers and data vulnerabilities

Hackers have upped their game. E-mail phishing has been around for a long time. It used to be easy to spot that old-fashioned phishing email. Usually something’s misspelled, or the person who sent the phishing email uses a formal form of a name – as opposed to the informal style you’re used to.

Over the past several years, it’s become highly sophisticated. Today, phishing attempts are well-researched and look remarkably authentic. Spammers do their homework. They are crafting very well-made phishing campaigns.

Remember, the biggest thing to keep top of mind is authentication and keeping your credentials to yourself. You may not have a full grasp on everything that your credentials could give hackers access to, and hackers are very well aware of this.

Personal data and great vigilance

Always treat your personal data with the highest level of security. With modern hacking designed to be silent and stealthy, vigilance is the key. Education drives vigilance.

You have a lot of balls in the air during a move, but don’t drop the ball on the security of your personal data. Remain vigilant as you set up accounts for your new home, ensure your passwords are secure, and keep your data safe.