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Understanding the process: A guide to moving from the US to Canada

Toronto, Canada

Are you considering a move to Canada? Immigrating to Canada from the US offers numerous advantages, with popular destinations like Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Quebec, Winnipeg, Halifax, and beyond.

Navigating the process of moving to Canada from the US involves understanding visa requirements, documentation, and timelines. Whether you’re relocating for work, study, or personal reasons, it’s important to have the help you need.

How do I move to Canada from the US?

There are many steps to move to Canada, and it requires thorough planning and preparation. If you’re wondering how hard it is to immigrate to Canada, here’s a detailed checklist to help you when planning your move:

Pre-move planning

  1. moving from the US to Canada, TorontoResearch and decide on your destination: When choosing where in Canada to live, consider factors like the job market, climate, lifestyle, and community.
  2. Visit potential cities: If possible, visit the Canadian cities you’re considering to get a firsthand feel of the area and community.
  3. Budget your move: Estimate your moving costs, including moving services, travel, temporary accommodations, and emergency funds.
  4. Hire an international moving company: Engage a reputable mover like JK Moving that specializes in international relocations to handle logistics and transport.

Legal and documentation

  1. Visa and immigration paperwork:
  2. Apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN): You’ll need this for employment and access to government programs and benefits.
  3. Health insurance coverage: Arrange for health insurance to cover you until you qualify for coverage in the provincial healthcare system.
  4. Driver’s license and vehicle registration: Research the process for exchanging your US driver’s license for a Canadian one and registering your vehicle.
  5. Medical records: Obtain a copy of your and your family’s medical records and vaccinations.
  6. Vaccinations: Ensure your vaccinations are up to date, as some may be required or recommended based on the area in Canada you are moving to.

Moving logistics

  1. Sort and pack your belongings: Decide what to move, sell, or donate. Pack items or opt for professional packing services.
  2. Arrange travel: Book flights or plan your road trip to Canada, considering the most efficient and cost-effective routes.


  1. Pet import regulations:


  1. Quarantine arrangements (if applicable): Understand and prepare for any required quarantine measures upon arrival.
  2. Open a Canadian bank account: This is necessary for managing your finances in Canada.
  3. Register with local authorities: Depending on your visa status, register with local authorities and services.
  4. Explore citizenship: If planning to stay permanently, start gathering information on applying for Canadian citizenship.

How much does it cost to move to Canada?

A move to Canada can become quite expensive if you’re not prepared. Several factors influence the cost, including:

  • Distance: Moving from New York to Toronto, for example, will cost less than California to Vancouver due to the shorter distance.
  • Volume of belongings: More belongings can increase your total costs.
  • Type of service: Costs vary based on the level of service you choose, from full-service moves to self-packing. Extra services like furniture disassembly can increase costs.
  • Customs and duties: Customs fees and duties apply when moving to Canada, depending on the items’ value.
  • Valuation: Different levels of moving valuation are available to protect your belongings, which vary in cost.
  • Seasonality: Moving costs are higher in summer due to increased demand.

Need to move your belongings to Canada?

When moving belongings to Canada, JK Moving ensures a hassle-free experience. Our international shipping expertise and meticulous attention to detail simplify the process of moving from the US to Canada, including packing, shipping, and customs clearance.

Embarking on an international move to Canada opens up a world of opportunities. The easiest way to move to Canada involves a knowledgeable team that has your back. Trust JK Moving to facilitate a seamless relocation, ensuring you start your Canadian journey on the right foot. Contact us today to begin the process of moving from the US to Canada with confidence.