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Ask a Mover: When Might I Need Overflow Storage

A JK Birdcage with pallet.

During the move process, there are times when you need to store your household goods. Whatever the reason is for putting your belongings into storage, make sure that the facility is secure and clean.

Most of the time, your belongings will be stored in pallets, which are sturdy, custom made wooden crates. There will be times when overflow storage is necessary. As movers we are often asked, “What is overflow storage and when would it be needed? How will my items be protected?”

Overflow storage is when an item doesn’t safely and securely fit into the pallet. For example, your overstuffed living room couch might not fit in a pallet, even if it were placed at an angle. And while it’s possible to store a couch in a pallet, there is the risk of damage over time. In fact, if a couch or other large or oversized item is stored this way, it may be ruined by the time it is removed from storage.

This is why overflow storage is an appropriate option for certain items. The couch will be pad wrapped and shrink wrapped and safely stored until it is time to be moved out. Because the couch will be stored on its base, there is no risk to crushing a side or other potential damage.

If you are going into storage, ask how your items will be stored and protected. Will the moving company arrive with a bird cage trailer so your goods are only handled once? What will happen to any belongings that don’t fit into a pallet? How will they be stored and protected?

It’s important to ask these questions during your in-home estimates. If you’re having difficulty making a final decision, visiting the warehouse is a great way to get a sense of how your goods will be handled while in storage. While visiting, make sure to ask to see where the other overflow items are being stored. If you have additional comments regarding storage, please leave them in the comments below.