Residential Moving

7 housewarming gifts for your new neighbor

A neighbor should be someone you trust – someone with whom you can leave a spare key or arrange play dates for your kids. But these things do not happen right away. First you need to build a friendly relationship with your neighbor. Start off on the right foot by welcoming them to the neighborhood with some of these housewarming gifts.

1. A bottle of wine

Everyone knows that moving can be stressful. A bottle of wine can give them something to look forward to after a day of unpacking (and motivate them to get the dishes unpacked).Housewarming gift - bottle of wine

2. A small, low-maintenance houseplant

Plants do wonders for human health, such as reduce stress. Giving your neighbor a small houseplant – one that will not require too much maintenance – can brighten their mood during this busy stage of their life.Housewarming gifts - houseplant

3. Food

This can be a basket of fruit from the local farmers’ market, freshly baked bread, or a plate of cookies. If you are making it yourself, just be sure this isn’t your first time. Also, be sure to inform your neighbor of the ingredients in case they have any allergies.Housewarming gifts - food

4. A gift card to a nearby restaurant

This is a good way to help the neighbors learn the area. You can also use it as a conversation starter, and tell them about other local favorites.Housewarming gifts - gift cards

5. A starter tool kit

Every home needs a basic toolkit, especially when the owners begin setting up furniture.Housewarming gifts - tools

6. An invitation

Invite them to join you for dinner, board games, a movie, … whatever! Inviting them to spend time with you and your family shows that you want to get to know them.Housewarming gifts - invite

7. Offer to help

Your new neighbors have a lot to unpack as they settle into their new home. Extend an offer to help out. They may politely decline, but knowing you are available if they need an extra hand can mean a lot.Housewarming gifts - helping hand