Commercial Moving

Efficient solutions for unwanted office furniture in corporate moves

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When a company relocates, there are many logistical hurdles to consider, including how files and office equipment be moved and what will happen with the server equipment. These are all crucial questions that your moving partner can help you address. An additional, important item to consider is what to do with your office furniture. Every business has unique needs, and there are a variety of solutions to manage your unwanted office furniture relocation effectively.

Should you move the furniture?

office furniture decommissioningIf you plan to keep your current furniture, ensure your chosen movers are properly trained to safely move all office furniture. Improper handling can damage valuable desks, chairs, and filing cabinets.

If relocating all the furniture isn’t ideal, there are several options your company can take.

Sell the furniture

We partner with furniture resellers, who can assess and purchase your unwanted office furniture. This reduces your moving costs and gives your furniture a new life.

Donate the furniture

JK works with charitable organizations that appreciate good-condition office furniture. We can facilitate pick-up directly from your office or store the furniture for later pick-up by the non-profit organization. Donating furniture is a great way to support your community.

Recycle the furniture

Sometimes, furniture can’t be resold or donated. In these cases, JK uses an auger to responsibly dispose of the furniture by crushing and shredding it, which significantly reduces the total volume going to the landfill.

The right solution for your business

No matter your office furniture needs during your business’ relocation, by reusing, donating, or recycling furniture whenever possible, you will be prioritizing an environmentally responsible method of furniture disposal and minimizing landfill waste.