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With the end of FY22 looming, the time to make Government facilities changes is now

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September 30th: This date marks the end of the fiscal year for all federal government entities and organizations — making it a hard-and-fast deadline for making important budget decisions for funds that are currently unspent and will not carry over into next year.

Not only that, but many federal organizations are simultaneously facing at least partial post-COVID return to office mandates, forcing them to rethink how their office and meetings spaces will be used going forward in light of the “new normal” paradigm for doing business.

If you’re facing these parallel predicaments, your organization is likely going to need to make adjustments to its facilities in one or more of the following ways:

  • Downsize or relocate office and/or laboratory space
  • Create new space and technology configurations to accommodate hybrid in-person and virtual work models
  • Upgrade or transition IT equipment
  • Replace carpet, paint, and other finishes
  • Install a new HVAC system
  • Make other changes that ensure a safe and healthy workplace environment

To be certain, the fiscal end of year is quickly approaching, and the time to act on necessary facilities changes is now. After Labor Day, schedules will fill fast, and it will be much harder for service providers to accommodate your needs in time to meet budgetary deadlines.

Learn more about how JK Moving can assist with the complex needs of any government move, and then reach out to discuss your specific needs.