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Innovation in moving and storage: Anti-collision and blind-spot detection

Commercial trucks

At JK Moving Services we believe our drivers are the best in the business. We hire the best, train the best, and keep our experienced team members years longer than the industry average.

We have the track record—and the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) fleet safety award—to prove it!

But we don’t only rely on our people, as good as they are. We also invest in the latest anti-collision and blind-spot detection for all our trucks, to enhance safety and protect your precious cargo.

It isn’t easy moving a loaded moving truck through parking lots or to loading docks. It isn’t easy driving them on the DC Beltway! By investing in innovation, we give our drivers and teams the same advanced anti-collision and blind-spot technology that’s probably in your late-model car or SUV.

At JK Moving Services, we’ve made a commitment to innovation—and a commitment to safety—that none of our competitors can match. We want to keep your move, and our people (they have families, too), just as safe as possible at all time. That’s innovation and performance the JK way!