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Green moving saves 4.5M pounds from landfills

At JK Moving Services, we are proud of our sustainability efforts across the company. To that end, each year, we publish a report with the results of our green moving practices. In 2019, we doubled our recycling efforts from 2018 by diverting more than 4.5 million pounds of materials from local landfills.

Secure recycling is not only good for business—it’s also good for the planet. Through our many green moving initiatives, JK reduces carbon emissions and protects the environment through our reusable services.

Recycling info graphic

Here are two examples of our eco-friendly programs:

  • Asset Repurposing: Our integrated re-purposing program prevents usable items from going to landfills. We place excess assets arriving at our facility in a Triage Area, which are available to charities and nonprofit organizations.
  • IT recycling: We offer degaussing, hard drive shredding and IT peripheral recycling.

We are proud that we were able to divert 4,524,918 pounds of materials away from area landfills through our recycling programs and eco-friendly initiatives in 2019. We look forward to furthering our efforts in 2020!