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5 tips to navigate the Return to Campus safely.

Return to Campus

Colleges and universities around the U.S. are beginning their phased-in Return to Campus (RTC). They are faced with whether, when, and how to open their campuses in the fall. Many administrative officials are concerned about bringing students back to campus from various parts of the country and the world. This could create a spike in coronavirus hotspots.

While some universities are going all remote for the first semester, others are taking on a hybrid approach. For those using this approach for in-person/online classes, how can administration keep their students safe while getting an education?

To start, facilities teams will need to reconfigure existing dorms and classrooms to reduce density. Many universities are moving away from double-occupancy rooms to single dorm rooms. To help with the de-densification of classroom and dorm rooms, your team will need access to the following services as they transition to a hybrid campus layout:

  • Space planning and design
  • Furniture installation services
  • Dorm room re-design
  • College dorm room move-in assistance
  • Storage for excess furniture

RTC Tip 1 – Space planning and design

The first objective is to maximize safety and public health. With that in mind, desks and collaboration spaces will need to be distanced. This can lead to walls being torn down to allow for more space in the classroom. Your office mover can assist with your phased-in return to campus needs. Space Planners can custom design (via CAD drawing and design software) different scenarios for you to ensure social distancing compliance. They will work with you to identify the most optimized plan for various physical distancing situations.

RTC Tip 2 – Furniture installation services

We have seen strategies to limit classroom and meeting room capacity. Some universities are re-purposing larger spaces like gyms and libraries for classes. Some are adding barriers (plexiglass dividers). While still others are changing the configuration and placement of desks to observe six-feet social distancing guidelines. These are just a few ideas being put into place.

Experienced commercial movers can offer a detailed plan for receiving, storing, delivering, and/or installing furniture and fixtures.

RTC Tip 3 – Dorm room re-design

In addition, dormitories were typically designed to increase social interaction. These days universities are reverse engineering this to decrease social interaction. Dorms that were once double or triple occupancy will now need to be turned into single occupancy. Shared bathrooms and lobbies need to be re-designed to be touchless or have plexiglass dividers.  Commercial movers can assist with the re-design, moving, and installation of these single-occupancy and shared spaces.

RTC Tip 4 – College dorm room move-in assistance

What about student safety on move-in day? Move teams can help your facilities team move in the personal belongings of your students. Stations are set outside of the dorms where your students’ personal items are received/unloaded. Items are labeled and delivered to their dorm rooms directly in a planned, organized fashion.

RTC Tip 5 – Storage

With the re-design of spaces also comes the need to store those excess assets you can’t use currently. Office movers will receive, store, and deliver your excess assets on your schedule. If they have an online digital and barcoded inventory, you can keep track and schedule the delivery of a piece(s) whenever you need it.

There are numerous vendors that offer each of these services. JK Moving Services can offer one or all these services to help your team transition dorms and classrooms – for your students’ return to campus.