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Yembo and JK Moving Partner to Speed Up the Moving Process with AI-Driven Visual Surveys

SAN DIEGO, Ca. and STERLING, Va. (October 3, 2019) –Yembo and JK Moving Services, a global moving, storage, relocation, and logistics enterprise, have forged a stronger partnership. After testing the product since the beginning of the year, JK is now offering Yembo’s software to all its commercial, government and residential customers, enabling them to conduct real-time, virtual surveys of their household goods and office moves. The innovative technology driven by artificial intelligence (AI) is speeding the move process, collapsing the time it takes to inventory goods and provide estimates.

“Consumers expect ease and digital tools. Expanding our partnership with Yembo ensures we are providing our customers with a 21st Century move experience. Being able to survey a house or office by simply pointing and clicking a smart phone using the Yembo interface helps us instantly develop an inventory and estimate. Yembo’s product is now our virtual survey tool of choice,” said David Cox, executive vice president, JK Moving.

“JK Moving Services has been a great partner for Yembo since January. We share their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. They fully understand the opportunity that Yembo’s technology enables to streamline operations for the industry and the moving experience for consumers. We are excited to enter into a deeper partnership with such a well- respected and premium brand,” Siddharth Mohan, CEO and co-founder.

An accurate visual survey is critical to any successful household or office move. The completed Yembo visual inventory provides move coordinators, dispatchers, and move managers the ability to visualize and plan the move like never before, including enabling the JK team to conduct a household or office goods survey without geographical limitations. The tool has increased the number of visual surveys the JK team can complete in a single day by up to 50 percent.

Using Yembo’s software, JK customers can record videos in just a few minutes and adjust the visual inventory just like an online shopping cart. The Yembo tool is embedded on the JK Moving website and social media sites. Yembo AI uses advanced deep learning technology and understands videos just like humans do. It recognizes rooms, furniture, and appliances as well as their cube and weights. The patent pending technology uses robotics algorithms, similar to what NASA uses in its Curiosity rover. This enables to JK to accurately count objects.

The Yembo technology positions JK Moving for: quicker turn-around/response time to bid/quote; faster, more intuitive, accurate survey and estimation process; enhanced end-to-end customer experience; fewer errors and misunderstandings; auditability throughout the move process; increased customer satisfaction; reduced operational costs; and automated reporting.

Yembo complements other recent modernizations at JK Moving include a downloadable mobile app that works with the Yembo platform to enable clients to receive and review estimates; accept and edit estimates; make payments; communicate with their sales consultant and move coordinator; and prepare for the move day. The app is monitored 24/7 by the JK team. Also, the addition of dashcam technology in JK’s whole fleet which sends JK feedback when opportunities arise to improve driving behaviors, enabling JK to provide customized training to drivers. The dashcams have resulted in employees improving their driving skills and experiencing fewer triggering events, resulting in fewer accidents and ensuring customers’ goods are even better protected.

Founded in 2016, Yembo was started by Siddharth (Sid) Mohan and Zach Rattner after spending over a decade at Qualcomm developing algorithms and software technologies that power 4G wireless and artificial intelligence (AI) on over a billion smartphones today. Yembo’s mission is to combine advances in AI with a new generation of software services for the moving industry so they can book more customers faster, streamline operations, and ensure a quality experience for consumers – from beginning to end.

For 35 years, JK Moving Services – the largest independently owned and operated moving company in North America – has provided local, long distance, and global relocation services to a variety of commercial, residential, and government clients. Headquartered in Sterling, Virginia, the company maintains a full-time, professionally trained staff of relocation and move management experts committed to providing the highest level of customer care.