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Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy, JK Moving partner to protect 87 acres of rare wetlands

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy and JK Moving Services are partnering to protect Stumptown Woods, an 87-acre parcel of land in northern Loudoun County.

JK Moving has purchased the property for nearly $1 million and put the land into conservation easement, according to company officials. Once LWC is able to raise the funds, JK Moving will sell it to LWC at a lower “conserved” property value, and JK Moving and the Kuhn Family Foundation will donate the remaining balance.

“Stumptown Woods is a very special property that is worth saving as a natural space.  We weren’t able to afford to buy the land, but with the help of JK Moving and the Kuhn family, we will save and preserve this rare wetland, leaving a legacy for future generations,” said Joe Coleman, president of Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy, in a prepared statement. “Having a local corporate partner that understands the value of conservation is invaluable.”

Stumptown Woods, near Gum Farm, is a rare wetland “at high risk of extinction,” according to the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. Environmentalists say that vernal pools are located throughout the property along with a robust population of animals that only use this specialized habitat, such as wood frogs, spotted salamanders, fairy shrimp, and Jefferson salamanders  — “species of greatest conservation need” per Virginia Wildlife Action Plan.

LWC plans to create a small set of walking trails in addition to several conservation plans.

Chuck Kuhn, president and CEO of JK Moving Services, said, “as a company headquartered here, we know how special Loudoun County is. Preserving and protecting our environment will ensure that our communities will be healthier places to live and work … Our purchase of Stumptown Woods furthers our interest in making meaningful charitable investments and protecting open spaces.”


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