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JK Moving Releases Tips as Spring Moving Season Heats Up

STERLING, VA (April 24, 2019) – Peak moving season starts in May, JK Moving Services, a global moving, storage, relocation, and logistics enterprise, has provided a list of tips—some that are common sense and others quirky and innovative—that will help residential moves go more smoothly.

“With warmer weather and school letting out, the spring and summer are extremely busy for moving,” said Chuck Kuhn, CEO, JK Moving. “Having helped so many families with their moves, we wanted to share some tricks and techniques that we’ve learned over the years that can save consumers time and money and bring some needed stress relief.”

10 Tips for a Smoother Move

The National Association of Realtors expects about 6 million people to buy homes this year. These sales coupled with renters who are moving make the spring and summer a busy time for moving. Here are some top tips for consumers making a move this season:

  • KIDS: Moving with kids can be tricky so set up a play date at a friend’s house or have them spend the day with a relative on move day. If kids are going to be home, set up space for them away from where the crew will be working with lots of activities to keep them busy.
  • PETS: Keep pets safe from harm by sending them to doggie day care for the day or confining them in an empty room on move day.
  • NO MOVE: Know what cannot be moved. There are a number of items that your mover cannot move such as aerosols and batteries.
  • LIST: Have a packing list. This is an extremely important for an international move; it lets customs know exactly what you are bringing into the new country. If a packing list and the actual belongings don’t match up, it can cause more dialogue with customs.
  • LABELS: Clearly label all the boxes (on several sides). Good labeling saves time on the unload.
  • ESSENTIALS BOX: This box will be the last one loaded and the first one unloaded at the destination. Pack anything that would be essential for a first night in a new house. For example, consider packing paper towels, soap, and toilet paper.
  • REPURPOSED PADDING: Rather than purchasing moving supplies, think about using items like clothes, towels, and sheets to protect breakables. These items will need to be moved anyway, so by using them as padding, they will serve a dual purpose.
  • BOXES: Rather than buying all new boxes, save money by asking local stores for leftover boxes. Most businesses plan to recycle those boxes anyway. JK Moving offers free, gently-used boxes on a first-come, first-served basis for its booked customers.
  • ORGANIZE CORDS: Use empty toilet paper rolls to organize cords and prevent tangling.
  • PHOTO SHOOT: Take pictures of the back of electronics before unplugging everything to make it easier to reassemble.


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