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JK Moving Company Starts Farm to Aid Hunger Relief

Sterling based company JK moving, one of the largest independent moving companies in North America is starting a farm in Loudoun County that will help feed the hungry in the community. The company CEO says he believes in organic food and a wholesome mission.

“We formed JK moving services in Loudoun county approximately 36 years ago and we built the company on the core values of care and respect,” said Chuck Kuhn, JK moving services president.

“All the plants are started in my greenhouse. We currently have about 15,000 plants that are ready to come out into the field. Once we harvest the crops then it goes to the families in need,” said Michael Smith, general manager of JK community farm.

JK moving says more than 14,000 Loudoun county residents suffer from food insecurity daily and they plan to bring down that number.

Smith says they will package the vegetables to be picked up by Loudoun hunger relief and distributed to those in need.

“About 100 percent of people we serve through Loudoun hunger relief make 50 percent of the area median income. So that means that housing is very expensive here, living is very expensive here and so many people just don’t have the ability to cover everything that they need in order to provide food for their families,” said Jennifer Montgomery, the Loudoun hunger relief executive director.

Smith says the group will also host educational classes about cooking, gardening and nutrition and provide volunteering opportunities for others in the community.

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