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HHG hauler seeks to "modernize the move experience"

August 10, 2019
DC Velocity Staff

The process of booking a household move may be about to get easier. A Virginia company has introduced a smartphone app that lets customers manage the process themselves by obtaining virtual job estimates with either a real person or with an artificial intelligence (AI) interface.

JK Moving Services, a Sterling, Va.-based moving, storage, relocation, and logistics enterprise, says it launched the mobile app in a bid to modernize the move experience for customers.

In order to generate a job estimate, clients use their mobile phones to give a tour of their house to either a human being or an AI-based virtual representative. JK Moving’s AI-powered estimating software recognizes the shapes of objects in their home and makes an inventory list, then provides an estimate and sends it to the mobile app.

“Going mobile improves our customer offerings since many clients want products that are seamless, easy, and quick,” David Cox, executive vice president, residential, for JK Moving, said in a release. “We’re receiving terrific feedback for our new mobile app and virtual estimating.”

But fear not—human estimators are still available to make house calls if you prefer the personal touch.

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