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Moving company founds farm to feed the hungry

Truckers large and small engage in all sorts of charitable endeavors. But moving, storage, relocation, and logistics company JK Moving Services is engaging in a rather unique philanthropic effort: opening the JK Community Farm, an agricultural endeavor designed to alleviate hunger by growing and harvesting crops and livestock, then donating them to nonprofits, including Loudoun Hunger Relief, which will also serve as the distribution partner to other nonprofits.

“We are part of this community … and I wanted to develop a charitable effort that meets critical community needs in a very tangible way,” explained Chuck Kuhn, the JK Moving’s president and CEO, in a statement. “Using my land to grow and share food is a way we can contribute and address hunger issues by providing healthy foods throughout the year.”

He recently purchased land in Purcellville, VA, to house the JK Community Farm, with the initial plan to use four acres to grow more than 16 types of vegetables including sweet potatoes, potatoes, lettuce, corn, kale, and more. More acres will be added in years to come, with additional donations of beef, pork, and venison as well. In year one, the JK Community Farm expects to donate 53,000 lbs. of crops as well as meat; products with a retail value of approximately $235,000, Kuhn said.

In addition to sharing meat and fresh produce, the JK Community Farm is also planning to host educational classes for nonprofit clients about cooking, gardening, nutrition. The farm will also provide volunteering opportunities for JK Moving’s staff and others in the community.

The company noted that more than 14,000 residents of Loudon County VA – where JK Moving has been headquartered over its 35 year history – suffer from “food insecurity,” with children making up nearly half of the people served at local food pantries.


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