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Office IT and Critical Environment Services

IT Equipment Relocation

Need an IT moving company? Experienced full-time IT movers are here to minimize risk and downtime for your staff.

Seamless IT Infrastructure Relocation.

data center relocations

Seamless IT Infrastructure Relocation.

At JK, we understand that your IT infrastructure is the heart of managing your business and, in most cases, your most critical asset. During a move, your internal IT Team is most focused on your network infrastructure. Our professional IT technicians can supplement your IT team and manage the rest of your IT equipment relocation.

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Asset Protection During Moves by A+ Technicians

Our certified technicians guarantee a seamless IT relocation. Engage with our Project Management team for a customized plan tailored to your specific needs.

Project Planning

Development and Oversight of Comprehensive Timelines and Phases

Precision in Motion

Meticulous Management of Move-Day Timing with ‘Hot-Truck’ Priority Service

User-Centric Excellence

Ensuring a Seamless Transition through Methodical Preparation and Shutdown Procedures

Data Security Mastery

Safeguarding Information Assets via Rigorous Backup Protocols and Management

Why JK for your IT relocation needs?

Move Manager Meets Client Commercial Move

Pre-move considerations

  • Are the servers being moved in the rack or dismounted?
  • Has the travel path been verified to ensure the items fit in and out of the buildings without tilting the rack?
  • How long will it take to power down the servers and related components?
  • Are we taking network cables?
  • Do you have VOIP phones or regular LAN line phones?
comp u wrap

Proprietary process

  • For computers and monitors, JK utilizes the Comp-U-Wrap® system
  • Computers are wrapped in anti-static sleeves with two-ply bubble wrap for maximum cushioning and protection
  • Computers and other electronics are then placed in padded bins and rolled onto the trucks.
  • This system provides the most efficient and cost-effective method to protect your valuable assets.
Server rack move


  • Over 20,000 IT disconnect/reconnects annually
  • Project Managers have 20+ years of experience
  • Full time, drug tested and background tested crews
  • Specialized in moving high value electronic equipment
  • Secure IT equipment receiving, storage and delivery
  • Global network of IT professionals
  • Continuous employee training and equipment investment

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