Louis Clark
Job title
Moving Consultant

As a lifelong moving professional, my expertise comes from having worked in almost every aspect of the business. I’ve held roles as a moving helper, as part of the warehouse team, as a dispatcher, and now, as a moving consultant.

I’ve helped thousands of families relocate to new homes all over the United States, and I take great pride in knowing that I’ve made the process less stressful and easier on them.

I proudly can claim to be a Certified Moving Consultant, under the authority of the American Moving & Storage Association. This, combined with my strong work ethic, gives me an ability to relate to my customers. My personal work philosophy is honesty at all times, accuracy in my estimates, and understanding what matters most to my customers.

I’ve been with JK since 1989, and I have never wanted to work anyplace else. My coworkers and customers are fantastic and really make my job a pleasure.