Commercial Moving

The key to successfully moving your IT equipment

As your move day approaches, your plate can feel like it’s overflowing. A huge component of your move will be what to do with your IT equipment. Relocating your computers, servers and other electronics without damage all while minimizing downtime and disruption can be overwhelming.  The key to successfully moving your IT equipment will be meeting with two key groups before you move: your IT Team and your mover.

Working with your IT Team: Pre-Move Meeting

Conduct a pre-move meeting with your IT team to determine what is moving and what is not.  Some key questions to consider during the meeting that you can then tell your mover.

  • Are we taking network cables?
  • Are we taking phones?  Which wall jack are we using?  Do we need separate bags for phones?
  • Do you have IP phones regular phones? (network or computer)
  • Placement of monitors and laptops in the office.   Do you have any new monitors to set up?
  • How many people are moving?
  • Do you have an inventory spreadsheet (to/from list)?
  • Are all computers to be set back up? (or will some be going to storage?)
  • Are we setting up network printers?
  • Do we need to move critical components first?

Leveraging Your Mover: Pre-Move Prep

Once you’ve worked with your IT Team to determine what’s moving, you then should schedule to meet with your mover to discuss the process, timing, expectations, re-connection protocols, and move phasing.  If you have security protocol, make your mover aware of this ahead of time so they can establish the chain-of-custody (COC) before the move.

  • Establish a working shut-down time and procedures for users.  This will allow the equipment to cool down before relocating.
  • Create a PC inventory sheet (check sheet) to ensure all components are packed.
  • Ask your employees to choose the placement of their IT equipment at their new location. This allows your employees to get up and running quickly after the move. (show desk layout as a picture)
  • Inventory, pack and label components using keyboard or anti-static bubble bags.  Clearly seal and mark the destination location on the label outside of the bag.
  • Establish if new cabling is required.  Many times, existing cables can be trapped behind furniture or not the correct length.
  • If possible, pre-install the cables at the destination.  This will help expedite the re-connect process.

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