Commercial Moving

4 tips for surviving a holiday office move

By Darlene De Lorenzo

While the holiday season is meant to bring feelings of warmth and holiday cheer, we all know it’s also a source of stress.  Then mix in an office move, and the cocktail for stress is inevitable. Here are 4 tips for surviving an office move during the holidays.

Stress is everywhere.  According to a recent survey by Cigna, 84% of the world’s population is stressed.  Imagine that, huh?

Survival Tip #1:  Plan, plan, plan

Moving can create negative emotions.  These emotions can make the move process challenging to say the least. Recognizing this potential issue early will give you the opportunity to be proactive, reducing stress and ensuring a successful move.

Planning an office move is a multi-step process that requires careful planning and several preparation steps. It’s best to divide the workload and assign specific tasks to different employees.

The holiday season is a very busy time for commercial movers.  First, check that your office mover is available for your move date or allow for flexibility in your move date to accommodate their busy schedule.

Many people take a vacation during the holiday season, so plan early to include packing for those on vacation.  Schedule the moving crate (or boxes) delivery 2-3 weeks before the move.  This will allow your employees to pack their belongings early before they go on vacation.  You can allow your employees to work remotely while the office is being moved.

Survival Tip #2:  Communicate daily

Starting the process early and maintaining frequent open communication is key.  Few people love changes, so using clear, simple language, let your employees know about the upcoming move as soon as the details are finalized. This way your staff will have enough time to consider their options and prepare travel routes.

It will also give you an opportunity to adjust to employee concerns.  This shows that you are listening and want to accommodate reasonable requests while staying firm on points that cannot be adjusted. This will build trust and promote a more successful outcome.

Survival Tip #3: Breathe

Easier said than done, right!  Take a step back and take some time for yourself.  Do a breathing meditation or better yet, take a run.  Running can control stress and boost the body’s ability to deal with mental tension. Exercise in whatever form you take creates endorphin hormones that make you feel better and happier. When you feel happier, stress can be controlled.

Survival Tip #4:  Don’t move what you don’t need

The least expensive move is the move you don’t make. Take this time to purge. Throw away items that you don’t use and store those that you will need in the future.  Studies indicate that 40% of data breaches are caused by improper paper disposal (especially during a move).  These data breaches can cause severe legal and financial problems.

Properly destroying paper and digital records will prevent criminal “dumpster divers.”  Before you move, consider purging and shredding of unwanted records safely and securely.  Also ask your moving and storage partner about recycling, archiving, and digital storage.