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3 tips to safeguard your office move

building protection

In this blog, I’m going to discuss 3 tips to safeguard your office move.  As you may know, the biggest expense of an office move isn’t the cost of the mover, but the downtime and disruption to your business.  That’s not to mention the risk to your property if the move doesn’t go as planned.

A successful office move requires detailed planning and coordination. Coordinating an office move can be stressful, especially as you continue to do your “day job”.

There’s a lot to think about.  As the point person for the move, everyone is looking to you for the answers to their questions and to know every detail. In other words, you are ultimately on the hook for its success.  Here are 3 tips to safeguard your office move.

Tip 1:  Safeguard your building

Believe it or not, you are legally responsible for the condition of the origin and destination buildings.  Be sure to work with a moving company that will reduce that risk and protects you.

For instance, delicate surfaces like marble, hardwood, slate and high-gloss tile should receive protection with Masonite® or Polynite®. Carpet shield should be laid down on the carpet to protect it against dirt and other substances. Building walls should be covered by corrugated cardboard or CoroGreen®.  Our trained building protection league takes great care to protect you throughout the move.

Tip 2:  Safeguard your confidential data

Studies indicate that 40% of data breaches are caused by improper paper disposal; which can cause legal and financial problems. Secure your company’s confidential data by properly destroying paper and digital records to prevent criminal “dumpster divers.”  Consider purging and shredding services to dispose of unwanted records safely and securely, before you move.

Tip 3:  Safeguard your assets

In addition, you need to protect your valuable IT equipment from the five technology killers:  dust, dirt, moisture, static shock and physical impact.  Look for a mover that properly wraps your IT equipment.

Preferably a mover that uses the Comp-U-Wrap® system.  This system allows each IT component to be wrapped with multiple layers of anti-static bubble bags.  These bubble bags will protect your equipment from nearly every possible danger.  And, the solution is environmentally friendly.

Are you running out of space in your office or have materials that aren’t moving to your new office?  Your mover should have warehouse space available for your short or long-term storage needs.  JK has more than 17.5 million cubic feet of secured warehouse space for your office furniture, equipment, and files.

Above all, put a moving team in place that can ensure the maximum security of your data and assets. Ensure your mover’s employees are fully vetted (background checked, and drug screened) in moving and data destruction activities.

Feel safe and secure knowing you hired the right partner!  Contact us today to make you the office hero.