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Let Us Help You Leave Your Worries Behind

Distractions and downtime—office moves don’t have to be this way. JK draws from its extensive experience as a global moving leader to improve the process and save you time at every step. Let our expert team of office movers help your organization get settled in its new home.

At JK Moving Services, we know exactly what's going through your mind right now. You're wondering how the upcoming office move will disrupt productivity, operations, and the bottom line.

You're not alone. Every organization, no matter its size, shares similar concerns. As a full service moving company with over 35 years of experience, we're highly qualified to address them. We know how to ensure a smooth transition from one work space to another. At JK, we know what matters most.

Let our experienced professionals help you ensure your relocation project is a heroic success for you.


  • Expert planning and coordination with certified move advisors, specialized equipment, and proven techniques to minimize disruption
  • Local & long distance service
  • Professional packing by fully trained crews
  • Special packing solutions for computer hardware and fragile items
  • A fleet of trucks specifically designed for commercial moves
  • Highly secure short-term & long-term storage options
  • Digital inventory of all items to simplify tracking

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