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Document Imaging and Scanning Company

The COVID-19 Pandemic has significantly impacted the workplace. Let JK’s document scanning and imaging experts help with your Return to Work (RTW) business plans.

Document Imaging and Scanning Experts

While some employees will return to the office, others may choose to work from home. The need for digital information is a must when working remotely. Hiring a digital imaging provider to digitally scan your most important files (especially for law firms) will allow for ease of access.

With digital imaging, you can respond faster to internal or client requests, make informed decisions, and have access to the information you need, when you need it. We can deliver this access through high-quality scanning with secure 24/7 access to the image library.

Consulting services

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you on a cost-effective solution that works best for you and your business.

Background checked staff

Background checks, pre-employment drug screenings, post-hire random drug screenings, and e-Verify validation ensures your information is managed by trustworthy, professional staff.

Compliance for state and federal guidelines

Our Archives team is trained to follow established safety and operational guidelines that are compliant to current state and federal regulations (i.e. HIPAA regulations).

Procedures for ensuring quality control

We provide production scanning equipment and indexing monitors, stringent document management procedures, and a secure facility to maintain a chain of custody throughout the process.

Our production scanners operate at a speed that allows a professional operator to visually verify the quality of each document as it is being scanned.

To ensure quality, we have created an in-house indexing process, which we perform to eliminate mismatched images. This also provides the opportunity to conduct a second visual inspection of each image to ensure quality and accuracy.

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