Drew Richards
Job title
Moving Consultant

I started with JK Moving Services in the spring of 2015. For the previous three years I lived and worked in the relocation industry with two companies in Shanghai, China; a well-established global mobility services provider headquartered in India, and a start-up based in Hong Kong.

JK is a well-established provider and has the growth goals and ambition of a start-up firm, a huge attraction for me. After moving around the world to exotic locations in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, I realized that a career with JK would come naturally for me.

The moving industry is about more than just moving a house; it’s about the people we service on a daily basis. Living where I’ve lived and meeting the people I’ve met has helped me immensely. We’re in the people business, and being able to understand a wide variety of customers and their needs has enabled me to succeed in this industry.

The JK management, sales, and operations staff were warm, accommodating, and helpful in my transition. I look forward to what the future with JK Moving Services holds.