JK Moving Services offers easy, confidential & secure records management & archiving services throughout the DC Metro area. Call us to learn how to reduce costs & safeguard records.

Store your records, documents, and media back up tapes with JK Records, an entire division devoted to providing you with customized secure solutions that give you access to your records, whenever you need. 

JK Records makes storing your records easy and convenient for a fraction of the cost of self storage, or storing your records at your office space.

Document management. JK takes the headache out of record keeping; from importing inventories you have created electronically to file by file indexing we can do it all” What matters most is that we can locate a file or a box when you need it, and get it to you fast! And we can do all this for a fraction of the cost of self storage or storing at your office. Read more.

Shredding and destruction services. JK can shred mass quantities of paper quickly and securely, saving your organization from wasting time, and from all the paper cuts. Read more.

Excess inventory and distribution. Store items such as excess company brochures, printed pieces, give-a-ways and other fungibles at our facilities. An inventory of items with current count is available online and can be easily ordered for delivery. We can even ship out of the area for you. Materials arriving from elsewhere for storage? We can accept your skids of items on your behalf and email you the packing slip when the items arrive. Read more.

Media Vault Storage. JK makes media storage easy and affordable. Backup, media tapes, and highly sensitive files are stored in our very own limited access vault. This state-of-the-art vault features a fire suppression system and provides the ultimate in security, giving you peace of mind in knowing that your media and other highly important documents are as safe as possible. Read more.

JK Records delivers.

Pick up and delivery. 24/7 access to documents, weekends and holidays included.

Access documents in as little as an hour .Using an automated barcode system, it’s easy to track down any file you request. Use the easy search features to locate and request a box or a document or simply give us a call and we can scan and send a file to you within an hour of your request, or a deliver file or box to you in as little as two hours. It’s that easy.

Storage facilities. JK Records has 90,000 sq. ft. of highly maintained space dedicated to document storage,. This highly secure space has 24-hour video monitoring and motion sensors.

Secure internet portal. Our online portal allows you to build inventories, make requests for files or boxes, access scanned documents, print reports or export your inventory to numerous file formats whenever YOU need. Check out our Records Client Portal.

Records management solutions for companies of all sizes.

  • Accounting firms
  • Construction firms
  • Government contractors
  • Laboratories
  • Law firms
  • Medical practices
  • Property management companies
  • Schools and universities

For the record: JK Records can save your company a bundle.

A more inexpensive way to storing records in your office-Floor space for one four-drawer file cabinet (28 inches x 15 inches) plus one-half of a thirty-six inch aisle is 6.7 square foot. Lease rates for office space vary from $16 to $45 per square foot, or between $107 and $281 per year for just one file cabinet. Compare that cost to the cost of storing those records at JK. On average of two record retention cartons per file drawer, your storage costs on those 8 boxes would be less than $40 per year The average four-drawer file cabinet costs between $40.00 and $150.00 Compared to JK’s Record Retention carton price at $3.25 per carton, total for 8 cartons is $26.00.

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