John Lloyd
Job title
Moving Consultant

I like to think that I got the “bug” to work in the moving industry early on. During holiday breaks in high school and college, I worked for moving companies as a helper, packer, loader, and long distance driver. I went on to spend over 15 years as an estimator and relocation consultant for a family-owned agency of a major household goods van line. All in all, I have helped thousands of families move to new homes.

What I have found is that there simply is no substitute for experience. Each time I enter a home to begin the relocation process for a family, I bring years of knowledge of the issues that can arise, and more importantly—how to address those issues.

I strive to treat customers in a manner in which I would want and expect to be treated, and this has paid off well for me. When I joined JK in 2011, I knew I was in the right place, because the emphasis is on providing quality service to customers at every level.