Global Valuation

Valuation Coverage and Claims

Coverage that goes the extra mile.

A lot can happen when goods are in international transit, even when containers are meticulously packed by FIDI/FAIM-certified moving professionals. JK makes sure you have the valuation coverage you need to stay protected should your goods need to be replaced.

Guidance from an expert navigator

For many customers going through an international move, valuation coverage is an unfamiliar area.   

Valuation coverage is the predetermined limit of liability that a mover has for the customer’s property while in the mover’s possession. Moving companies sell valuation coverage because they are not licensed to sell insurance. (Learn more here.)

Unlike a U.S. domestic move, a standard level of valuation coverage is not included when you’re moving to another country. Often this coverage is not included in a homeowner’s policy either.

Many factors determine valuation coverage for an international move, from what goods are worth in a specific country to the impact of exchange rates. Your international move coordinator will guide you through the details.

Shipping motions.

Shipping goods overseas has its own set of challenges. JK is skilled and experienced in packing goods to withstand the rigors of an overseas voyage. Understanding how a ship moves can help you decide the level of coverage you may need and if packing yourself is the best idea.

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