Commercial Moving Checklist

Office Moving Checklist

What to do when for a smooth, successful office relocation

Print out or download step-by-step guidance from North America’s largest independent moving company, JK Moving Services.

4-12 months before the move

  • Choose your company’s internal move coordinator/point person.
  • Select an IOMI-certified relocation company.
  • Identify items needed for the new space and assess any modifications or renovations; select needed suppliers and contractors.
  • Share this office moving checklist with your colleagues.

12 weeks before the move

  • Identify and label materials to be moved, recycled, or donated.

8 weeks before the move

  • Identify and update company subscriptions, mailing addresses, and stationery.
  • Move archival files and documents to a storage facility.

6 weeks before the move

  • Determine employee office and seating assignments at the new location.

4 weeks before the move

  • Instruct employees to identify personal items to take home.
  • Clean and pack common areas.
  • Identify which areas or staff need packing assistance.
  • Receive file and storage area labels from your relocation company.
  • Give your relocation company a contact for the move weekend.
  • Host an “All Hands” staff meeting about the move and schedule move training sessions.

2-3 weeks before the move

  • Conduct move training and distribute move packs for employees who did not attend the All Hands meeting.
  • Verify that personal items have been removed.

1 week before the move

  • Continue packing all areas.
  • Conduct the final walk-through with the relocation company: verify packing is complete; inspect labeling; verify that file cabinets, refrigerators, and pantry areas are empty.

Relocation day

  • Collect all suite and office keys.
  • Double-check that cabinets are empty.
  • Remind employees to take home personal items and laptop computers.

Delivery day

  • Be present to guide the crew about placement of boxes and furniture.
  • Check each item off the inventory list.

First business day, post-relocation

  • Encourage staff to prioritize unpacking, and note any concerns.
  • Work with your relocation company on any issues.