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Commercial Moving Coverage

Coverage for greater peace of mind

Because smooth office relocation means not worrying about the repercussions of items lost or damaged in transit, JK backs up our exceptional service with valuation coverage tailored to your organization’s needs.

When you purchase valuation coverage for a commercial move, JK assumes liability for damages to all items handled by our teams while providing moving services. Moving coverage is based on the designated dollar value of your organization’s assets.  

  • With standard valuation, you release property at a declared value of $.60 per pound per item, not to exceed $50 per article for furniture and $5 per pound per item for electronics. There is a $100 deductible, and this coverage is included at no additional charge, per the terms and conditions of your contract.
  • With replacement valuation, loss or damage will be adjusted based on the value of property at the time of loss, and settled on either this cost or the cost to repair/replace the item with property of comparable material/quality used for the same purpose, whichever is less. Adjustment will not exceed the declared value. There is a valuation minimum valuation of $20,000 and a $500 deductible.

It’s important to note that a valuation plan does not cover damage caused by natural disasters, such as tornadoes or earthquakes, and that certain actions can limit your mover’s liability, such as packing perishable, dangerous, or hazardous materials without your mover’s knowledge or packing your own boxes or crates.