Cheryl Gates
Job title
Moving Consultant

Mobile: 703-297-0327Office: 703-260-3061Email:  

One of the best aspects of being a Move Consultant is that it provides opportunities for me to help individuals and families every day. Moving can be simultaneously exciting and stressful; being able to reduce that stress level is fulfilling.

I have found that listening carefully is an important aspect to my role so I can best advise my customers. By encouraging customers to speak freely, I gain a solid understanding of their expectations and underlying concerns. Once I understand what matters most to them, I’m able to offer options and tailor a move scenario that meets their needs. Presenting a plan for a seamless move gives my customers peace of mind and confidence in me and in JK overall.

It’s gratifying to see a smile on a customer's face and have them tell me that my advice and services were helpful. Seeing that look of relief, and knowing I played a part in that, is rewarding.

The history of JK's humble beginnings and the subsequent foundation on which the company was built make it a unique place to work. The philosophy of teamwork and focusing on customers is readily apparent throughout the organization.