Boxless Move

The Boxless Office Move

New relocation technologies, like the Boxless Move, help offices move quickly and efficiently. Call JK Moving Services for commercial moving today!

Moving outside the box.

Imagine how much time you could save on your commercial or office move if you didn’t have to pack certain items? 

Thanks to our very own Boxless Move suite of services, you and your employees will save an average of 3 hours of packing and re-filing for every desk and filing cabinet you move. You’ll also reduce the likelihood of files being lost or misplaced. Additionally, JK offers stackable  reusable  plastic  crates that hold more items per container, reducing the time it takes to move your organization, and significantly cutting down on downtime.

JK reduces employee downtime by 23%, so you can getback to work.

JK's Boxless Move is a huge timesaver. Space gobblers inflate inside full desk drawers, safely holding contents in place, eliminating the need to pack and unpack, so that employees can spend more time on their job responsibilities. Powerful spider cranes lift entire filing cabinets with documents and contents safely tucked inside. There’s no emptying, no re-filing, no lost files, and no worries.

JK’s Boxless Move methods save time and money.

For computers, JK utilizes the Compuwrap® system, where computers are wrapped in an anti-static sleeve with 2-ply bubble wrap providing maximum cushioning and protection. Computers and other high value electronics are then placed on computer carts and wrapped in stretchwrap to secure the equipment on the cart, and rolled onto the trucks. This system surpasses methods employed by other movers. Additionally, the rolling carts limit handling of high value electronics and computers, ensuring they’re moved safely and efficiently. This system provides the most efficient cost-effective method and provides the greatest degree of protection to your company’s most valuable assets. 

Anything that can do two jobs at once is pretty incredible. Our Boxless Move has saved our clients an average of 3 hours of packing and refilling per desk and file cabinet. It’s also saved more than an estimated 425,000 trees (and counting), and greatly reduced our carbon footprint. The Boxless Move is just one of the ways in which JK is helping everyone move towards a greener existence. Read about all the other sustainable moves our company is making. 

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