Andrew Logan
Job title
Certified Moving Consultant

Mobile: 609-513-7018 Office: 703-996-1287 Email:  

In many ways, I feel as if I “grew up” with JK, having started my career during a summer college break as a seasonal moving helper. I enjoyed that experience so I came back to JK the following summer to work in the warehouse. Once I graduated West Virginia University, I knew I wanted to return to JK. I took a full-time position with the Archives team (part of our Commercial Division). And now, I am especially pleased with my current role of Move Consultant in the Residential Division, because this was my goal once I completed my degree.

When working with customers, I start by walking them step-by-step through the moving process. Educating my customers about JK’s high level of service helps them understand we are not just “any old mover;” JK is a unique company and a pioneer in its industry. The most rewarding part of my job is the sense of relief and comfort that customers feel after we have spent time together. My goal is to leave every house with a customer that is relaxed and well-versed in moving.

The support and gratitude I receive from customers and fellow employees alike creates a satisfying work experience. I am motivated to perform my job at a high level, because I know that what I do contributes to the company’s success.

Overall, I enjoy working at JK because of the great group of people who surround me. In fact, JK runs in my family ─ my brother works here as well!