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JK Moving Services Honors The George Washington University

July 24, 2015

Move of the Quarter Award Bestowed to the Largest Institution of Higher Education in Washington, D.C.

Sterling, VA—July 21, 2015—JK Moving Services, a nationally recognized commercial, residential, and international moving, storage, relocation, and logistics company, today announced that it has awarded its Commercial Move of the Quarter to The George Washington University for first quarter 2015.

The honor recognizes and showcases outstanding commercial relocation projects. The award criteria are based on the scope and nature of the move, with an emphasis on projects that have unique components or that helped the client solve a challenge. The award is given to one commercial client each quarter.

“The university’s relocation was a terrific example of the importance of extensive, professional training and established operational methods. This move involved transporting irreplaceable pieces of laboratory equipment. We were pleased to earn the trust of the university’s Operations and Facilities teams, as well as the professors whose life’s work we were moving,” said Charles Kuhn, Founder, President and CEO, JK Moving Services. “With this award, we recognize and thank The George Washington University for its confidence in us.”

JK’s services included consolidating 12 different locations into the university’s recently constructed Science & Engineering Hall, a 500,000 sq. ft. teaching and research center. Additional work included moving 10 unique scientific instruments built by university professors and graduate students, several of which required rigging to move them due to the enormous size. JK was also responsible for moving approximately 100 lab spaces, glove boxes with sensitive chemicals, tanks and chambers, optical tables, air compressors, lab equipment, and microscopes.

“To say that this was a high-stakes relocation is an understatement,” noted Ayana Moore, Business Analyst and Manager, The George Washington University. “Our professors were deeply concerned about the safety of the equipment and materials that they had spent a career developing and building. The team at JK put our minds at ease and worked hand-in-hand with our staff to ensure the safety of these sensitive items.”

The George Washington University is the fifth recipient of JK’s Commercial Move of the Quarter. The award has previously been given to Covington & Burling LLP, Cvent, Global Impact, and ASIWorks/PSI Family Services.


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