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Virginia-based Firm to Move Habitat for Humanity Partner Family, Gratis

April 3, 2011

Virginia-based Firm to Move Habitat for Humanity Partner Family, Gratis

JK Moving & Storage set to move family on Saturday, December 9th.

December 4, 2006—Frederick, MD—"JK Moving and Storage has offered to move future Habitat for Humanity homeowner Lisa Wease into her new Thurmont home at no cost on Saturday, December 9th," announced Habitat for Humanity Executive Director David Ozag. After months of hard work and anticipation this year, future Habitat homeowner Lisa Wease will truly be home for the holidays.

Wease currently lives in Frederick with her eight year old daughter and is a regular weekend worker at the Thurmont site, fulfilling her sweat equity agreement with Habitat. Bill Wivell, construction supervisor at the Thurmont site where Habitat started building Lisa's new home in August, has put his stamp of approval on the home and given Wease the green light to move in.

"We are happy to be able to help Habitat for Humanity and Lisa as she moves into her new home for the holidays. I can't think of a better gift," said Chuck Kuhn, President & CEO of JK Moving & Storage. The Thurmont home is the 25th home Habitat for Humanity has built or renovated in Frederick City or Frederick County since 1995. "We are pleased with this record, a real tribute to the excellent community backing we have enjoyed," said Board President Larry Snody. "We have very ambitious plans for the next few years and we are counting on continued community support," he added.

The City of Frederick recently transferred ownership of three properties on West 7th Street to Habitat for Humanity. The organization is now exploring options on renovating them along with another property Habitat for Humanity owns on East 5th Street.