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Solid 'Green' Credentials

April 3, 2011

Solid 'Green' Credentials

JK featured in Washington Post for Sustainability Efforts

April 12, 2009—Sterling, VA—JK Executive Vice President, Steve Kuhn has always considered the ways in which his company could further foster the environment, not harm it. Through years of ongoing research, innovation, and planning, Kuhn and his team have been able to make great strides. So much so that in 2008 alone they diverted more than a million pounds of waste from area landfills. If that wasn't enough, JK helped launch programs with Habitat for Humanity, filled charities and not-for-profits with much-needed furniture, and saved dollars for the company and their customers, not to mention a few thousand trees, via Boxless Move® technology and recycling efforts. Learn more about these efforts from the recent Washington Post article.

Solid 'Green' Credentials

N.Va. Businessman Researched for Years How His Company Could Help the Planet

The Washington Post

By Brigid Schulte

Sunday, April 12, 2009; Page SM07

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