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JK Supports Sustainability Efforts in Crystal City

April 3, 2011

JK Supports Sustainability Efforts in Crystal City

JK partners to offer E-scrap and re-use in Crystal City.

March 17, 2008—Crystal City (Arlington, VA)—In an effort to leverage Crystal City's existing green assets, including transit-oriented development and "green development zone" status, as well as enhance the area's environmentally-conscious competitive-edge, the Crystal City Business Improvement District (BID) proudly announces, Crystal Green. The program kicks off with three partnerships from which early successes in Energy Efficiency, Environmental Quality, and Recycling/Reuse (waste minimization) can be built.

"Sustainability and green have recently become marketing buzzwords," said Angela Fox, Crystal City President/CEO. "For Crystal City, however, these are more than just colorful marketing strategies. We seek to publicize and grow what is at the heart of our original development plan and ever-expanding 'soul.' Whether due to a market demand for environmental sustainability at the consumer level or the potential financial savings from reduced energy consumption, going green pays dividends for the environment, the consumer, and business. It matters, and we are serious about it."

To start, for its commitment to environmental stewardship, the Crystal City BID has been designated the first partner in the Arlington Initiative to Reduce Emissions (Fresh AIRE) program. Through this partnership, the BID will clean up the Long Bridge Park area, offer energy solutions for multi-family buildings, plant 365 trees in 365 days, expand existing recycling programs, and further market alternate transportation programs—bicycling, METRO, Zip Car, and more.

"We are excited to welcome the Crystal City Business Improvement District as Arlington's first Fresh AIRE Business Partner," said, Dr. William E. Roper, Director of the Department of Environmental Services & Chief Environmental Officer for Arlington County. "The County encourages businesses and residents to follow Crystal City's example and commit to the fight against global warming by improving energy efficiency, using and encouraging use of public transportation, and recycling more."

Second,the Crystal City BID has arranged for property owners to engage in building energy audits to encourage property owners to take the step towards being green and saving money in the process. Crystal Green partner Hannon-Armstrong, a multinational financing company, will provide the assessments to the property owners and work to assist with implementation of energy-saving upgrades.

Third, the Crystal City BID has partnered with JK Moving & Storage (JK) to expand and solidify recycling/reuse options. As a moving company, JK is often asked to dispose of unwanted items, including hazardous electronic components and reusable office equipment. To address these requests in an environmentally-friendly manner, JK devised two programs which Crystal Green will tap—a recycling process by which hazardous metals are recovered and recycled and an on-line marketplace for reuseable items.

"Like Crystal City, we are serious about our corporate environmental responsibility," said Steve Kuhn, EVP—JK Moving and Storage. "This is an opportunity to expand the awareness of the eco-impact of moving and mitigate waste while helping to support and connect companies that can derive benefits from another's transformation, migration, and growth."

Finally, to add an environmental twist to Crystal City's artistic side, Crystal Flight will be unveiling two new airplane concepts. "Eco-Plane," sponsored by JK and designed by Pixels & Ink, seeks to promote awareness of recycling and re-use by covering the plane with recycled and reused materials. Then "Solar Sorcery," sponsored by Consumer Electronics Association, will reuse components of a previously-sponsored Crystal City environmental art piece. The LED lights and solar power packs from CO2-LED-2 will be incorporated into a new design using three Crystal Flight jets by creating solar powered jet plumes and will welcome guests at the southern entry to Crystal City at Crystal Drive. The Crystal City BID will continue to roll out a series of programs under the Crystal Green umbrella over the course of the next few months. By reducing energy demand and the area's carbon footprint, minimizing automotive travel, increasing recycling levels, and promoting environmental awareness and sensitivity of area businesses, restaurants, and residents, Crystal Green seeks to underscore that Crystal City is the region's "Emerald City."