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JK Supports Habitat for Humanity

April 3, 2011

JK Supports Habitat for Humanity

Donations help launch local ReStore

April 18, 2009Sterling, VALoudoun Habitat for Humanity opened their new ReStore facility in Purcellville this month with the help of JK Moving & Storage, Inc., and several other local businesses, including Potomac Floor Covering Inc.

Through ongoing sustainability and reuse programs coordinated through their current customers, JK donated more than a third of the products up for sale at Habitat's ReStore.

According to JK Executive Vice President, Steve Kuhn, he outlined a space plan for Habitat and asked if they'd like some of the company's reused goods. The answer was a resounding yes. "We gave them a tremendous amount of racking and a lot of products they can sell." Kuhn said."Including construction materialsall part of our recycling services." JK also donated a large inventory of furniture as well as trucks and workers to transport all the goods.

Both JK's Executive Vice President Steve Kuhn and Potomac Floor Covering Inc. Executive Vice President Gerry Swift said the support for the Habitat effort came about through "a friend of a friend" word-of-mouth contact. Not only did the two companies end up donating a slew of materials, but they also started doing some business together as a result of the contact.

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