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JK Sponsors Electronics Recycling at Family Fun Fest

April 3, 2011

JK Sponsors Electronics Recycling at Family Fun Fest

Residents and businesses dispose of electronics in a secure and sustainable way

August 14, 2008—Sterling, VA— Residents and area businesses will have an opportunity to dispose of obsolete computers, VCRs, and other electronics equipment during the highly anticipated Family Fun Fest and community eCycling event at the Dulles Town Center on Saturday, August 23.

Sponsored by JK Moving & Storage, the eCycling event provides area businesses and residents with an opportunity to safely, securely, and sustainably recycle unwanted electronics. And, JK's process ensures that harmful components of old electronics do not end up in our landfills.

The collected electronics will be transported by JK to a recycling plant where all the components are broken down into commodity-grade materials including ferrous metals, copper, plastics, and aluminum and sold for re-use. The process will prove valuable for defense-related offices and contractors looking to dispose of obsolete information technology (IT) assets that may have contained sensitive or classified information. Preventing data retrieval represents a hallmark of the JK recycling process. By locking sensitive assets in secure commercial transport bins, puncturing data storage devices, shredding the materials, and separating out the raw materials, retrieval of data from any IT asset becomes impossible. Additionally, the JK process does not rely on the shipment of materials to developing countries where recycling rarely occurs, but rather partners with a local recycling facility.

"Many are reluctant to dispose of their IT assets due to security concerns," said Steve Kuhn, Executive Vice President of JK Moving & Storage. "Our process ensures total data destruction through recycling thereby meeting the dual goals of being environmentally-friendly and alleviating security concerns."

Also on-hand, experts from Best Buy will offer tips to more sustainable electronics purchasing, plus special offers and giveaways.

Those interested in disposing of items should look for the large JK Moving & Storage truck on Saturday, August 23 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the parking lot of the Dulles Town Center between JC Penney and Lord & Taylor, just off of Atlantic Blvd. Volunteers will greet cars and walk-ups and appropriately sort electronics into various bins. Businesses with a large proportion of items to dispose can make arrangements for JK Moving & Storage staff to come directly to their offices for a bulk pick-up.

Event Details:

Location: Parking lot at the rear of the Dulles Town Center, between JC Penney and Lord & Taylor, off of Atlantic Blvd., Sterling, VA

Parking: 5-10 minute parking available in the parking lot for unloading

Date/Time: Saturday, August 23, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.