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JK is relentless when it comes to checking and rechecking prices and charges. Things can change at any time during a relocation. That’s why we audit quotes and invoices before and after a move.


We manage your move from start to finish.

Ultimately, we want to make absolutely sure your company or agency is not overpaying or getting subpar service. So, we set up our systems and reporting tools to meet your specific needs. We go beyond auditing charges to make sure that services performed are within your company’s moving policy and that any exceptions have been authorized.

JK’s auditors. Our auditors are trained on all tariffs and regulations. More than just number crunchers JK’s auditors are experienced and trained to act on your behalf. We check quotes for compliance, then check the final invoices to make sure prices are right, charges are correct, and suppliers remain compliant with your requirements and those set by the government.

Pre-move. Every relocation is different. Before we move anything, we survey the situation to determine if the supplier is properly prepared to service the move and if the costs are within your account’s budget.

During the move tracking. JK tracks all data including the timeliness with which suppliers pick up and deliver, the quality of their packing, loading and unpacking, their communication skills, their invoicing accuracy, and how quickly they hand in delivery documents and claims information. Every milestone is tracked on our user-friendly online portal.

Post-move oversight. JK scrutinizes every charge or additional cost to make sure the charges are valid and the prices are in line. Discrepancies are brought to the attention of the supplier to prevent future mistakes. Supplier report cards are issued so that suppliers can adjust accordingly.

Voucher/GBL. We have the correct forms in our systems, which makes billing quick and easy for everyone—including your agency.

Easy reporting online. Milestones and charges are tracked via our online portal. Clients can access this user-friendly tool anywhere and any time, and generate custom reports, instantly. Our reporting makes it easy to plan and budget for future relocations.

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