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Most people are familiar with either local moves or long distance moves within one’s own country, where the costs are based upon time and labor or on weight. There are some subtle differences when it comes to estimating an international move.


Your JK move consultant will accurately estimate your move and will explain any additional fees you might incur based upon your final destination. Many factors go into preparing an international moving estimate including:

  • The weight and volume of your items once they are packed
  • What you’re shipping
  • Whether you’re shipping by land, sea, or air
  • Insurance
  • Customs processing

What goes into an international moving estimate?

Weight. Unlike a local move, or even a long-distance move within your own country, the cost of an international move is estimated taking into account many variables including weight and volume. One of our international move consultants will come to your home, take a look at your possessions, and shortly after the visit, will provide you with a full proposal for your door-to-door move.

What. The number of items obviously affects your estimate, however, specific types of items can greatly affect cost. For example, art and sculptures require custom crating and incur additional cost. If you’re shipping an automobile, you can choose to have it shipped in a container or shipped as a roll-on/roll-off shipment. A container is more expensive, however, it provides a higher level of protection for your car. Your move consultant will advise you on which of your possessions may be costly to ship allowing you to decide beforehand what to take and what to store.

inset_25smHow. Shipping by sea and land are the least expensive ways to move items overseas. If you choose this method, it can take anywhere from six to eight weeks to receive your belongings. Shipping by air is more expensive, however, it’s much faster. You can expect to receive your property in approximately eight to ten days. No matter what, the choice is yours depending on your timeframe and budget.

Valuation. Valuation is a critical service that we strongly recommend, particularly for an international move. You should value your shipment based on what it will cost to repurchase everything in your new home country. Find out all about valuation.

Documentation. Customs, taxes, and port fees can impact the price of an international move. Your international move coordinator will be able to provide you with the documentation you need and help to estimate the fee to get your belongings through customs.

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