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We can manage every aspect of your relocation while you tend to business as usual. Our professional project management team will employ our proprietary methods to safely move more items per trip with our Boxless Move®.

We also offer methods that don’t require you to unpack and re-file things like desks and filing cabinets. As a result, you and your employees are able to get packed, moved, and back to work quicker than you would if you had used another mover.

Why we’re different.

Expert coordination. We’ll start by teaming you up with an IOMI certified project manager who will coordinate all of the particulars of your move, making sure you and your colleagues get packed, loaded, and moved on time and within budget.

Pre-move orientation for employees. Moves are much smoother if everyone is on the same page. We’ll provide commercial pre-move training and tips in advance to ensure you and your colleagues know exactly what to do to prepare for your move.

Office Moving CompaniesMeticulous office protection. It’s exciting to move into a new or a renovated workplace, and we appreciate the investment it takes to provide employees with a good working environment. That’s why JK takes extra care protecting both new and old offices so everyone can return to a fresh clean working space. Critical areas of the office are covered from head to toe to protect your old and new spaces during the move, including walls, doors, doorjambs, elevators, glass dividers, and flooring. Our move preparations are just one of the reasons why we continue to have the lowest claims rates in the industry, year after year.

Full time, fully-trained, IOMI certified crews. JK crews receive the highest training possible at IOMI, the world’s only university for office moving. Our employees are trained in best practices for packing, loading, and moving everything from computers, servers, and electronics, to desks and filing cabinets.

4_2_inset_1Specialized solutions minimize disruption. JK has pioneered ways to move offices using the most efficient methods possible. Our Boxless Move significantly reduces the time it takes to relocate. Space Gobblers inflate inside full desk drawers, eliminating the need to pack and unpack. And our powerful Spider Cranes lift entire filing cabinets with documents and contents safely tucked inside. There’s no emptying, no re-filing, no lost files, and no worries.

Expert solutions for moving computers, servers, and data centers. Your entire organization depends on your IT system, so we go out of our way to protect it. We wrap computers in Compuwrap, an anti-static, two-ply bubble wrap for maximum cushioning and protection. Computers are then moved on rolling carts as a precautionary measure. And when it comes to disconnecting, moving, and reconnecting servers and data centers, our technicians apply the same standard of consideration and care.

Commercial move trucks and transportation. JK’s commercial fleet is specifically designed for office moving. With state-of-the-art air-ride suspension systems for maximum protection of your assets, our fleet is maintained in house to ensure optimal performance and safe handling. Additionally, all trucks tread lightly on the earth with an aggressive fleet sustainability program. Read more.

Modular systems disassembly and installation. JK has specialized crews dedicated to disassembling, moving, and installing modular furniture systems, ensuring efficient and proper installation.

4_2_inset_2Storage of office assets. JK maintains over 400,000 sq. ft. of secure storage space, which is slightly bigger than eight football fields. With 24-hour security, and a climate-controlled area, JK offers the best solution for your company’s assets and documents. Here, your assets get the same white-glove treatment we’ve provided to several U.S. Presidents. Read more.

Records, data storage, shredding, and destruction. JK Records can store your files and media back up tapes for you in a highly secure, yet accessible manner, for a fraction of the cost of self storage or storing them at your office space. JK Records also offers tailored shredding programs, where mass quantities of paper can be shredded and recycled in short order. Read more.

Commercial moves that are easy on the planet. We’re constantly looking for ways to provide our customers with eco-intelligent ways to move. To date, our Boxless Move has prevented more than 3 million cardboard boxes from ending up in a landfill — or the equivalent of 45 football fields stacked 3 ft. high. And that’s just the start. Ask how we’re helping people move towards a greener existence.

Ask us about furniture/equipment recycling options!

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